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There are 340 mountains in the Faroe Islands. The highest is Slættaratindur, with its 880 meters, and the lowest is Høganes, only 115 meters high.

There are few people in the Faroes who have summited these 340 mountains as much as Pól Sundskarð. He knows the mountains from top to bottom. On his many tours he has met with local people from the different islands and has built up a wide network of people. Both Pól and the many local representatives are ready to serve you from the bottom of the Faroe Islands up the highest mountain tops.

One popular goal to reach is the so-called Top 10 - to climb the peaks of the ten highest Faroese mountains. 

These mountains are:

  1. Slættaratindur, Eysturoy, 880m
  2. Gráfelli, Eysturoy, 856m
  3. Villingadalsfjall, Viðoy, 841m
  4. Kúvingafjall, Kunoy, 830m
  5. Teigafjall, Kunoy, 825m
  6. Kunoyarnakkur, Kunoy, 819m
  7. Havnartindur, Kunoy, 818m
  8. Urðafjall, Kunoy, 817m
  9. Middagsfjall, Kunoy, 805m
  10. Svartbakstindur, Eysturoy, 801m

This is only an example to show a goal for hikers to reach.

Many people do not know where these mountains are, and how to reach their peaks.

If it is a goal of yours to reach these peaks, do not hesitate to contact us to let us arrange this for you.

Do you want to explore these mountains over some time, days or hours?

What is the goal and who are the participants? has the network to put you in touch with the right guides to ensure you achieve your goals.

Contact us and let them arrange your hiking adventures. will also advise you about demands, conditions and payment to local guides and so on. can also arrange tailor-made trips and tours in the unspoilt Faroese nature - but common for all arrangements are that they contain experiences along the routes on the beautiful 340 Faroese mountains.