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Klubbin and Eystfelli on Fugloy
The tour begins in Kirkju, a 6,5 hours hike and is hard
Island Fugloy
Difficulty Difficult hike
Length 13 km
Pref. Wind South-west, West

The average hiking speed is 2 km per hour. This tour will take about 6,5 hours.

The trip starts in Hvannasund. Take the small ferry, Ritan, from Hvannasund to Fugloy. The ferry trip takes 45 minutes. Disembark in Kirkja. Hike up the mountain Klubbin and continue to the Eystfelli cliffs. End your hike in Hattarvík, from where you can drive back to Kirkja to catch the ferry back. Sometimes you can also take the ferry from Hattarvík - to be sure, ask the local ferry worker about the schedule.

Image(360°) / Information
Klubbin:           621 m high mountain above Norðbergi on Kirkju
Eystfelli:           449 m high mountain and cliffside in Hattarvík. It is the eastern most mountain in the
                          Faroe Islands

Klubbin:           Jógvan Páll Poulsen 227175, Katrin á Fløtti Jacobsen 444455, Hans Michael á Fløtti
Eystfelli:          Símun Gullaksen 217055


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Klubbin og Eystfelli í Fugloy
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