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Kollafjarðardalur - Oyggjarvegurin - Leynar
The tour begins in Kollfjarðardal, a 5 hours hike and is moderate
Island Streymoy
Difficulty Moderate hike
Length 10 km
Pref. Wind North-east, North, North-west

The average hiking speed is 2 km per hour. This tour will take about 5 hours.

A broschure is available, at Visit.

This tour begins, at Búnaðarstovuni (the NationalAgricultural Centre) in Kollfjarðardalur. Three rivers run down to Kollfjarðadalur next to Búnaðarstovuni. The trou begins, at the middle river, Brekká, which flows north of Búnaðarstovan. Walk along the river and keep the cairn in sight as a landmark.

Turn northwards by the first cairn after crossing the old mountain road, which is known to the locals as Oyggjarvegurin. At the next cairn, you arrive at Skælingsvatn.The lake has had other names, one of which is Nykatjørn (Nix’s pond). In earlier times, people noticed that something alive and abnormally large lived in the lake, and the general opinion was that it must be Nykur (Nix). Nykur is a creature that lives in lakes and is said to resemble a horse. There are reports of people, who went to catch it and caught a huge trout in their nets. In this way, they got rid of Nykur and the name Nykatjørn. The lake is also called Tjørnin á Brekkunum. At the lake, three outfields meet: Norðari Skælingshagi, Hagin Uttan Fyri Húsini in Leynar and Heygshagi, which by modern equipment measurements estimates that the mountain is 100 m lower than the highest. It is custom to climb Skælingsfjall on Jóansøkukvøld (Midsummer Night) to see the sunset and then the sunrise a few hours later.

Go back to the path where you came from and continue towards Leynar village. Further on, you have a view of Vágar to the west, and Koltur to the south. Cairns Kollafjørður is where several paths meet. They are the old paths coming from the south: Oyggjargøtan, the path you are walking on from Kollfjarðadalur to Leynar, and the path to Skælingur. Be careful that you don’t take the wrong one.

Here, you should take a small detour off the path and walk a few hundred metres south to the rocky plateau, Stórareyn, which has a great geological scenary. Sit on the plateau and enjoy the view. Feel the silence, the heat from the rocks and travel back millions of years to when this place was first created.

The mountain north of Skælingsvatn is called Sátan. Here, you can see the geological formation Streymoyarsyllin (The Streymoy Sill) and often Fulmars on the mountain cliffs. 

South of you is Skælingsfjall. It was first thought that it was the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands but this turned out not to be the case after the height was measured with modern equiment. The path leads you all the way down to the village of Leynar. The beautiful village is a popular holiday area and the beach attracts many people on hot summer days.

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