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Skæling - Norðadalur
The tour begins in Skæling, a 5 hours hike and is moderate
Island Streymoy
Difficulty Moderate hike
Length 10 km
Pref. Wind North, North-west

The average hiking speed is 2 km per hour. This tour will take about 5 hours.

This path goes through a great landscape from "Skælingi" mountain and continues south on the west side of the Island of Streymoy: through the local valleys of "Gjáarbotn", "Skoradal" and "Vatndal".

It begins on the pathway undir “Skælingsfjalli” mountain. After an hour you, will arrive in “Gjáarbotn” where a crevasse cuts itself deep into the landscape in an absolute straight line. Here, on the bottom, nature is brutal and somewhat spooky. Straight above from this area, you can see “Stígareynni”. This is part of the “Streymoyarsyllini”, which is a basalt-based rock formation that was formed by lava 60 million years ago when the land came into being by volcanic eruptions. The horizon offers a view over “Oknadal” valley in the village of “Vágum” and north through “Vestmannasund”

The path known as “vaðragøtan” goes from the sheepherding ground and up onto “Skoradalsegg”. From the top, you can view the whole of “Skælingsfjall” mountain from the beach to the highest peak with a height of 767 meters. People come here to enjoy the sunset and sunrise on the longest day of the year. Local stories and legend have it that people danced Faroese Chain Dance to keep warm as they waited for the sunrise. It was also long believed by locals that “Skælingsfjall” mountain was the highest mountain on Streymoy island. This is not surprising because the entire mountain can be viewed from top to bottom. Other mountains, both local and around the world in general, are often part of a landscape, which is situated above the ocean, and that is why these mountains often do not appear to be as high as they truly are.

Next is the valley of “Skoradalur”. A beautiful valley with an amazing view over the areas, which are known to locals as: Trøllkonufingur, Krosstind, Malinstind and Heldarstind in the village of Vágum. In regards to “Skoradal” valley”, a local legend tells the saga of two farmers known as “Norðradalsbóndin” and “Skælingsbóndin”. They could not agree, who owned valley of “Skoradal”, so they decided to fight to settle the matter and “Skælingsbóndin” won the battle. The fallen famer “Norðradalsbóndin”, also known as Stroyur, fell during the battle and it is said that he is buried under a local rock formation known as “Stroyurskletti á Vatnsdalsegg”, which also marks the next area on the path.
      When you arrive, at “Stroyurskletti á Vatnsdalsegg”, you can see the lakes of “Oman fyri Stígar” and the islands in the southern ocean: Koltur, Hestur, Sandoy and others, but only on a clear day when weather permits it. On the left stands “Sornfelli” and then comes the mountain between “Botna” and Núgvan”. The only thing missing from the path now, is to walk down along the “Áarstíggjafoss” waterfall and up to the area of “torvheiðarnar” until you reach the road.
      When you arrive at the road, it is recommended to turn around and take in the view. A long row of basalt rock formation appears to spring up into the mountain of “Núgvuna” and almost looks like a giant dried up patch, which clings up onto the mountain. This is the southern end of “Streymoyarsyllini”, which marks the end of a 9 km long basalt rock formation. This rock formation is only visible because the crust of the landscape has been worn away during by the last ice age. The stone columns are up to 20 meters in height.

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