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Sustainable tourism
Sustainability is really important to us. Find out more about what we are doing to support the Sustainable Development Goals here.
Our top tips for a safe and enjoyable hike are:
1. Hire a guide
2. Leave no trace.
3. Do your research
Hiking for disabled
It is our belief that hiking is for everyone. That’s why we have identified some routes which would be suitable for people with disabilities.
The athlethe Pól Sundskarð
Pól was born in 1957 and grew up at Nýggjavegur in the town of Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. As a youngster, Pól was already showing his skills in many different sports.
Pól played football at top level for many years in his local club, KÍ. He also played with the Faroese national football team. In addition to football, Pól was an elite table tennis and badminton player in his younger years. His interest for extreme sport started relatively late in life.
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Oyggjarskoratindur - Villingardalsfjall - Nakkurin (Enniberg)
Túrurin byrjar í Viðareiði, 6,5 tímar gongutíð og er heilt tungur
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Oyrnafjall - Vørðan
Túrurin byrjar í Ørðavík, 2,5 tímar gongutíð og er tungur
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Ravnsfjall, Middagsfjall, Ritubergsnøva, Trælanípan, Suðuri á Fjalli, Nónfjall, Bolafløtur, Høgafjall, Kvívíksskoranøva og Sundsnøva
Túrurin byrjar vestanfyri Miðvág, 13 tímar gongutíð og er tungur
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Rógvukollur, Knavin, Eysturtindur, Knattarheyggjur, Berinartindur, Snældansfjall og Vatndalsfjall og Eindadalsfjall
Túrurin byrjar í Gásadali, 7,5 tímar gongutíð og er tungur
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Nakkur, Kaguklettur, Kambur, Bustin, Fjallið, Skornasaklettur, Rossaklettur, Tempulsklettur, Tindur, Nakkurin og Hæddin (Prestfjall))
Túrurin byrjar í Froba, 12,5 tímar gongutíð og er tungur
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Lokkafelli, Knúkur, Nøvan, Sandfelli Oyri, og Skálafjall
Túrurin byrjar við tunnilin í Norðskála, 7,5 tímar gongutíð og er heilt tungur
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What's the point of going to the Faroes Islands if you don't go hiking? What's the point of not going hiking with Pól if you want to see the most fantabulous views? ????
Kyung-jin Kay Kim - South Korea
Pauli is very nice, expert and kind!!! I surely reccomend him as your guide! Check his profile and take a look at his fabolous pictures!!
Costanza Pirola - Italy
Fantastic scenery, great paths (not always very well marked!)
Sarah George - United Kingdom
Pol is an amazing guide....a true man of the (Faroese) mountains. We joined him for an all day hike and he provided great commentary on the land, birds and history of the islands, all while leading us at a steady pace. I think he knows nearly every step of the islands!
William Trout - USA
What a fantastic week of hiking. All the guides were excellent, and really engaged with our group. Thank you for showing us your beautiful country, and I hope one day, I can return in the future.
Neil Alexander Westwood -
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Svínoy 16 august 2017
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Frá Gásafjall omanfyri Mikladal til Gríslatind omanfyri Siðradal sunnudagin 6 august 2017
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Tindhólmur sunnudagin 30-07-2017
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